Smart City Dholera SIR Beginner’s Guide For Real Estate Investing
Are you thinking about Investing in Dholera SIR? Then you must be having question in your mind that “Is it right time to invest in Dholera sir”?

And the answer is, Yes it is certainly right time to invest in Dholera. You can invest in the Residential, Commercial & Industrial Land in Dholera Smart City.

Beginners Real Estate Investing Guide For Upcoming Greenfield Smart City Dholera

As a beginner, it is not at all easy to start investing in any property and that’s where our guide Property investment for beginners will help you. You are finding that when you are beginners at anything you get all information as truth.


Yes, everyone facing that when you are a just beginner you must have to research about the things for safely invest in Dholera sir.

What we are talking about?

It is quite very tough to invest in a new Developing city like Dholera SIR while investing in an Existing city like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot etc,.

Things to know while Buying Property at Upcoming Greenfield Smart City Dholera SIR.


In a developing city Dholera, it is hard to find the best location for Investment. When you think about investing, you should know the location which gives you a high return in the future. Many people are manipulated by brokers or some developers & give their investments in the wrong hands.

DMIC Project Dholera

There are a total of 22 villages that come under Dholera SIR Project. At this moment, The Dholera SIR, Activation area & Linear Development is the best location to invest.

First Dholera SIR, set of 22 Villages (920 Sq.Kms.),

Second, Dholera Activation area, i.e. Town Planning Scheme TP2A, TP4A.

Third, Linear Development i.e. Property near 250-meter expressway & 55-meter internal road,

Value of Asset & Appreciation Rate:-

When we are talking about assets value in Dholera, There is the highest price where the city developed or developing in the nearest future. As we saw in the location segment there are mainly three areas that are very important for Investors. We can say that you find the highest prices of assets in the Activation area & Linear Development in comparison to Other Sub Town Planning schemes of Dholera.

You also need to see about appreciation. It is surprising when we compare past value to the now, there is a big difference between 2014 & 2021 respectively 80 & 399.

Dholera Smar City Latest Ground Report video 2021. You can watch the current developing status.


First you need to check the land or plot you purchase it has Title Clear i.e. property has not any loan or other dues.

The land or plot should be NA Approved for residential, commercial, & Industrial use.

It has also free from every legal due that certifies an encumbrance Certificate to the company or Owner.

You should also check Plots & Land’s FSI i.e. how many floors you can build on that land.


When you are thinking of purchase land, you must check the present & future connectivity of the city to the Rail, buses & other transport, etc. 

Smart Dholera

Now, Dholera Connected other cities via National Highway 8 (Anand) & National Highway 8A (Bagodara). 

In the future, Government & DSIRDA will be proposed a 10 Lane Expressway Road Connectivity, Dholera International airport Airways Connectivity, & Dholera Metro Rail Project for rail connectivity.


There is no maintenance cost occurred on open land or land lots.

Physical Verification:-

You find that brochure has designed with good design idea so, it is tough to find a real image of any land or plot. Buyer must do site visit for physical verification of land or plot.

Verify your decision:-

After All steps are done, you need to concentrate on your final decision that you want to invest or not in that particular land. You should reconnect all the things in the brochure & Site visit. If you find good reality check you should think about future appreciation of land.

After that, If You purchase or not, you should know about this land purchase document such as booking letter, receipts, booking agreement letter, Land Registry.

After Book Your Residential Plot:-

If there is EMI Option Available,

When you pay the Booking Amount you will get Booking Letter & Payment Receipt.

When you pay Down Payment Amount, you will get a Booking Agreement Letter & Payment Receipt.

You start to pay the EMI; you will get the payment receipts.  

After Payment Completion, You will get the registry Document.

Note: You will get the different time span in easy EMI Option.

If you want quick registry,

When you pay the Booking Amount you will get Booking Letter & Payment Receipt.

When you pay Down Payment Amount, you will get a Booking Agreement Letter & Payment Receipt.

After total Payment Completion, You will get the registry Document.
Smart Dholera
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