This zone is envisioned to have the highest intensity uses, especially office buildings, residences, and hotels contained within high-rise buildings. Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Dholera Special Investment Region (Dholera SIR) is Spread over 922 sq kms, is a Greenfield Industrial Smart City situated southwest approximately 100 km to Ahmedabad. Dholera Smart City is differentiated in six different town planning schemes and 3 development phases in which work of town planning scheme 1 and 2 is in process.

Dholera SIR is divided into differenttown planning schemes and different zoneslike City Centre Zone, High Access Corridor, Residential Zone, Public Facilities Zone, Knowledge and IT Zone, Industrial Zone. Here we are covering detailed information about Dholera SIR City Center Zone. Out of total 922 sq kms 422 sq kms is to be developed and rest 500 sq kms is going to be use for environmental purposes.

In Dholera SIR the City Centre Zone gives you access to Commercial offices and Retail Spaces, Institutional, Health, Civic and Medium to High density industrial area. As Dholera is an upcoming greenfield smart city in Gujarat the city center zone will support pedestrian friendly streets, bicycles and use of public transportation which will encourage less pollution and it will promote clean, green and sustainable development.

Dholera Smart City Project will create a vibrant urban environmental balance between public and private realm. In Dholera Smart City the City Center Zone will comprise of following things: Commercial Places: Banking and Financial Institutions Hotel and Mall Cinema Hall and Multiplex Large Departmental Store Public Buildings: City Administrative Complex Police Headquarters/ City Court Research Post office Telephone Exchange Community Facilities Public Library Museum/ Art Centre Integrated Sports Complexes Recreational Club Health Polyclinic Hospitals Diagnostic/ Radiology Centre Don’t be so late, Investment return is great.