This zone will encompass City Center, Industrial, Logistic, Knowledge & IT, Recreation & Sports, Entertainment areas. In every rank, both great and small, it is industry that supports us all Spread over 922 sq kms, Dholera Special Investment Region(Dholera SIR) is Greenfield Industrial Smart City located approximately 100km southwest to Ahmedabad.

Dholera Smart City is bifurcated in six different town planning schemes and 3 development phases in whichdevelopment work of phase 1 and 2 is in progress. Dholera SIR is divided into different zones like City Centre, High Access Corridor, Residential Zone, Public Facilities Zone, Knowledge and IT zone, Industrial zone. In this section we are covering detailed information about Dholera SIR Industrial Zone. Out of total 922 sq kms 422 sq kms to be developed and about 14% from this area will cover Industrial Zone. In Dholera SIR the industries are divided into 3 categories: Red, Orange, Green.

The toxic waste which is harmful for the environment is consider in Red category, the waste which is less harmful and partly recyclable is in Orange category and the waste which is fully recyclable is consider in Green category. As Dholera is an upcoming greenfield smart city in Gujarat the industries that will be encouraged to are the non-polluting and it will promote clean, green and sustainable development.

Dholera Industrial City has its own self sustain eco-system. Priority of industries are as follows and is completely subject to the framework that has been designed for Industries in Dholera SIR: Automobile and Auto Ancillary Hi-tech and Electronics General Manufacturing Heavy Engineering Metal and Metallurgical Products Agro /Food Processing Defense Aviation Come be part of this growing Smart, Self Reliant, Sustainable Greenfield City.