Why to Invest

Invest in Dholera

Invest in Dholera because Dholera SIR is the first and fastest developing smart city of India and has also in the spotlight. It being the brainchild of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, is visibly receiving substantial efforts from the government towards its development. Any investment made in this city is totally worth it and is likely to attract huge returns over a few years. It is not wrong to say: Invest in Dholera, Invest in Your Future.

Smart Dholera brings you the opportunity to invest in residential plots and invest in flats in Dholera SIR in various property options including residential plots, apartments, villas and bungalows which are legally approved and completely authentic. Here are few of the reasons one should consider while investing in Dholera at its current prices:-

✔ Dholera SIR is the first smart city of India and therefore is progressing at a faster pace than any other Indian city.

✔ Built on advanced technology using green building concept.

✔ Shall be developed as a model township in the world

✔ The first Special Investment Region after passing of the SIR Act.

✔ Strategically located near GIFT City and DMIC corridor

✔Remarkably connected to Indian and global cities through:-

  • Federa International Airport (Approved by Airport Authority of India)
  • 10 lane express highway (under development)
  • Metro Rail (Approved)
  • Railways
  • BRTS system (Under planning)

✔ Project fast tracked with sanction of Rs. 3,000 crore towards trunk infrastructure project.

✔ Biggest Sweet Water Lake at Kalpasar Dam near Dholera SIR is planned to accumulate 25% of rain water of Gujarat

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