Dholera SIR Current Status

Dholera SIR Current Status: An Overview!

While the first smart city of India is much in talk, let us take a look at Dholera SIR current status and the latest development in the region.

A few months ago the central government had sanctioned Rs. 3,000 crores(appx) for the Dholera trunk Dholera sir current statusinfrastructure project which is being built on the 22.5 square kilometer activation area. With the completion of pre-feasibility study, legal framework enacted in form of SIR Act  and completion of master planning for Dholera dividing it into six town planning scheme, Dholera SIR current Status is beaming at full pace.

Besides this, a very significant development has been added to Dholera SIR. It is the approval from Air Authority of India for construction of an international airport about 20 kilometers from Dholera. 1,700 acres of land has also been allocated by the government for the adjoining airport.

The region shall also see enhanced connectivity through a six lane highway, metro rail, extended railway network and port and air network. Another thing that forms an integral update in Dholera SIR current status is the project being planned and executed by technological giants IBM and Cisco which shall add on immense strength to the infrastructure development in the city.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in a decade’s time while the entire city shall be in readiness by 2040.

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