Dholera SIR Project

Dholera Project : A key government agenda!

Dholera SIR Project was the first step towards an exceptional solution that central government came up with for the rising urbanization in the country.

Dholera Project is the initiation of the 100 smart city projects that has been planned to control and accommodate Dholera project the rising population in the urban cities of India. The project shall span 920 square kilometers and is visualized as twice the size of Mumbai and six times the size of Shanghai.The Dholera Project is being developed with world class infrastructure, best in class civic amenities and has opened floodgates for multinationals to set up their trading and manufacturing units in the region; credit goes to its nearness to the 1,483 kilometers long DMIC Corridor.

A 6 lane expressway, high speed metro rail, excellent railway connectivity and an international airport in the region is what makes Dholera Project an irresistible option for worldwide investors. Additionally, Dholera SIR Project has hired IBM and CISCO for master planning and execution that ensures a perfect city with flawless infrastructure development.

Another 98 cities have been shortlisted for the smart city plan but none so far can compete against Dholera Project in terms of development as they are yet to be planned and execution is still a distant story. Dholera SIR Project can thus be a leading example for each of the 100 other cities which can draw inspiration from its fast track development pace.

The Dholera SIR Project is a flagship project that shall transform how people shall reside in a new India.

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